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Save money and time with Epona Mail newsletter services. Whether you just need an address to comply with CAN-SPAM laws or you’re looking for a newsletter system that won’t break the bank, we have you covered.

Our Services

Newsletter plans starting at only $6.50/mo.

Safe & Secure

Your information is safe with us. Not only is the website and payment processor secure, but I assure you that I will not sell, rent, or otherwise giveaway your information. If that isn’t enough, I also won’t try to sell you other companies’ products or services.

No Subscriber Limits

Our plans don’t charge you by how many subscribers you have. Instead, our plans are based off of how many emails you send. Whether you email your list once a month, once a week, or more often, I’ve got you covered.

Need just a mailbox?

Don’t want to pay the high cost of a USPS mailbox? Don’t worry! If you’re happy with your newsletter provider and just need a mailing address to comply with CAN-SPAM laws which nearly every country has. By law you must identify where your mail is coming from. Use our mailbox service and save.

Dedicated Support

When you reach out with a question, your query is going to someone who uses the same service as you! Built by an author for authors, there’s no fluff or BS here.

Our Features Include

  • Find inactive subscribers and segment or remove them
  • Double or single opt-in
  • Autoresponders & welcome sequences
  • Custom fields for segmentation
  • Block temporary email domains (built in)
  • Integrates with our Email Validation Service
  • See all the features. There’s so much more.


Newsletter Plans & Pricing

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All The Power, No Worry

Sendy For Authors

We utilize the mailing program Sendy, which you could purchase and set up the server to use yourself. However, we’ve made it easy for authors to use this service, take advantage of the low prices of sending through Amazon’s Simple Email Service, and have a newsletter that won’t break the bank.

No need to maintain your own server

We keep it up to date and secure

Integrates with BookFunnel, StoryOrigin, or others

Caring customer service to help you

Easy Setup

Let Us Do The Work

Our concierge service begins at $35/mo depending on work required. Never worry about sending a newsletter again. Tell us what you want included, or what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Schedule and send newsletters as needed

Create new templates

Integrate Epona Mail with other services or your website

Additional services available...

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Get a behind the scenes look and have a chance to use the system before you purchase. Request a demonstration today.

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