Virtual Mailbox for Authors

Stay in compliance with your country’s anti-spam laws by having your mailing address at the bottom of your newsletter. Keep your information private and use our affordable services.

What’s an Epona Mailbox?

An author mailing address that won’t break the bank.

Most major mailing service providers won’t allow you to send newsletters without an address. You don’t want to use your home address, and registering a post office box you probably won’t use can be costly. Instead, use Epona Mailbox for less than $4/mo paid yearly.

Use your Epona Mailbox in your newsletter. Be compliant and safe.

Should you receive mail, you’ll see a scanned image. Then you decide what happens next.

Mail is either shredded and recycled or sent to you. Your choice.


Epona Mailbox Plans & Pricing

* Scans of up to five envelopes are included each month. Additional scans are $1/each. Scanning the contents of the envelopes is $1/page.

If you wish to have the mail sent to you, it will be done so at normal USPS postal rates. Letters will be held up to 30 days and then securely destroyed if not requested.

All mail not sent to you is shredded and recycled securely on site.

Have Questions?

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