Email Validation

Save money and make every newsletter you send count! Discover old and invalid email addresses which no longer work, while receiving notice of the good and questionable emails on your list.

You can handle the results yourself or add on services to allow me to sort them and even import/update your lists for you. It’s your choice! (If you’re an Epona Mail customer reach out for a discount code on this service.)

What’s Email Validation?

A way to save money and improve email delivery.

You’re probably paying for the number of subscribers you have (not with Epona Mail!), and even if you’re only paying for the emails you send, you want to make them count. Save money by scrubbing your list and ensuring you’re mailing to real people.

Each email address will be checked to ensure it’s valid and can receive email, see if it’s protected by an anti-spam service, and verify that it’s not mistyped or misformed. You can decide how you want to handle the information you receive.

Make sure you’re sending to REAL email addresses.

Your newsletter emails are yours! We keep your information safe and secure.

Receive the raw data and update your list yourself or have us do it.

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